Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Profile

My name is Pretty Ahamed. I was born in Dhaka. I was born in October 05 in 1993. My father’s name is Md. Kamruj Jaman Liton. My mother’s name is Rupa Begum. I have one younger sister. Her name is Sonia Ahamed Aly. She is a student of class five. I was a student of class nine. Now I am a student of Nari Jibon in English and Computer Office Program.

I spend my free time by singing songs. I like gardening and helping my mother at home at her work. I like gossiping with my friends and cousins, watching T.V. etc.

My future plan is- I want to be a computer operator and I want to develop my skills on English and Computer. I also like Blogging. I have my own blog-- (English) and (Bengali).

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Ecrah said...

Hey Pretty,

Great to hear you want to be a 'Computer Operator', we need more women in the IT filed. But this can only happen when more women start taking an interest in computers.

How far are you into your studies? How's it going?